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here’s another nighthawk concept :3c


here’s Nighthawk with his visor down. he took some serious damage and needs his visor to filter toxins and help him ingest energon because he has trouble doing it manually


here’s my transformers OC Nighthawk again, depicted here after he underwent some mutilation and defected to the decepticon cause during the war for cybertron. I posted a picture of him before the war here.


he’s finished!! yay!

pastel, pencil crayon, and conte

Here’s a reference for scale :-3

Here’s a closeup of Zarluz :3c


pastels, pencil crayon and conte on paper, 48”x43”

self-portrait as a clown, watercolour on stonehenge, 15”x11”

selfportrait on stonehenge with charcoal

I didn’t really keep track of precise measurements, but it’s about 48” wide

A drawing based on a roleplay with mischiefovermanners!

watercolour on a piece of stonehenge scrap

i’m having a lot of fun experimenting with colour and stuff on sai :3c i think i’m making progress in terms of making things more interesting, but still logical